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TruT™ by FPT
TruT™ by FPT
The novel, FDA-registered TruT™ algorithm uses modern understanding of molecular interactions to improve the accuracy of free-T calculations. Why TruT™?

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Why TruT™?

The only FDA-registered free testosterone calculator

  • Improved biophysical characterizations have have suggested the importance of models that consider allosteric coupling of testosterone with dimeric SHBG. This model, as implemented by TruT™ provides the most accurate estimates for free testosterone.
  • Commonly available free testosterone calculators (,, use models of testosterone:SHBG binding (proposed by Vermeulen et al. and Sodergard et. al) which were developed before the crystal structure for SHBG:T complexes were available. These models assume that the two SHBG monomers behave identically in binding testosterone. Detailed experimental data show that the "simplified linear model is erroneous." References.
  • The Endocrine Society has issued position statements which highlights the laboratory- and operator-dependent variability inherent in direct free testosterone measurements. For this reason they advocate for indirect "calculator" based methods References.
  • The TruT™ calculator provides the ideal solution by using measurements of total testosterone, SHBG, and albumin to calculate free testosterone while taking into account the complex, non-linear allostery in SHBG's association with testosterone. TruT™ is the only calculator available that uses this more complex formulation. References